GDPR Sensitive Data Compliance & SharePoint Metadata Taxonomies

  • TermSet is a UK software company founded in 2013, with over 20 years’ experience in developing ground breaking software products.
  • Our mission is to develop affordable software products for small, medium and enterprise organisations.
  • We embrace the latest innovative technologies including Artificial Intelligence based on Pattern Matching, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

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ScanR Challenge

  • GDPR will require all organisations that trade within Europe to focus on identifying and retrieving personal data of employees, customers such as names, addresses or financial data.
  • The “Subject Access Request” response time will decrease from 40 days down to 30 days. It takes an average of 60 days for an organisation to respond to a Subject Access Request.
  • The new “Right to be Forgotten/Removed” rule will allow employees, customers to request that you identify and retrieve all the digital information you hold on them and then remove it entirely from your systems.

ScanR Solution

  • ScanR is a low cost software product that discovers Sensitive and Personal Identifiable Information within all types of structured and unstructured documents, produce intelligent reports and take actions.
  • Automate the process for managing Right to be Forgotten & Subject Access Request’s.
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence to ensure sensitive key word accuracy.
  • Comply with GDPR sensitive data regulations & avoid substantial fines & reputational damage.

Why companies are working with TermSet

Affordable, Accurate, Reliable

  • Our software products are budget friendly, we guarantee not to be beaten on price.
  • We embrace the latest innovative technologies including Artificial Intelligence, which means our products guarantee accuracy, fast and reliable.
  • Our products are plug and play, you can be up and running in a matter of hours.
  • We offer a free trial before you purchase.
  • We have successfully secured 50 new customers within the past 6 months.
TermSet is Affordable

Next generation technology today at affordable prices

Our Software & Benefits

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Reads from all common document types

Understand all versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Photocopies & images.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Convert all images, photocopies, scans into OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for free.

Artificial Intelligence

Uses Artificial Intelligence to ensure sensitive key word accuracy.


Sensitivity Scores

Score sensitive words or phrases based on the level of exposure.

Automated Response Process

A fully automated process for responding to Right to be Forgotten & Subject Access Request’s.

Sensitive Information Handling

Redact or delete documents containing sensitive information.

Search Engine Functionality

Delivers the Google search experience within SharePoint & increases employee productivity.

Metadata and Taxonomies

Discovers metadata terms in your documents and creates taxonomies unique to your content.

Instant Data Enrichment

As new documents are added they are instantly enriched with metadata & taxonomies.


SharePoint Adoption

Guarantees SharePoint user adoption.

Simple Process

No burden on the users or the IT team.

Information Management

Understands the information inside documents, with this information organisations can make decisions during migrations as well as enriching the content with metadata as part of the migration process.

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